Quick Fixes

We all lead hurried lives, so BCC Salon has the solution with our Quick Fixes: all are all 30 minutes or less. Come in today and leave refreshed!

Soothing Scalp Massage ~ $40
Relieve stress and relax with this wonderful scalp & face massage. (20 minutes)

Tech Neck ~ $40
This stress-relieving massage focuses on your neck, shoulders, and upper back. (20 minutes)

Hand Saver Massage ~ $35
Our special therapeutic massage focuses on your hands, wrists, and forearms. (20 minmutes)

Foot & Calf Massage ~ $45
Perfect for anyone with tired, achy or dry feet. Enjoy the cooling comfort from a foot and calf massage with B-CC’s special peppermint shea butter balm. (20 minutes)

Reflexology ~ $45
The art of applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, helps to stimulate the body’s organs and systems to promote good health. (30 minmutes)