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Facials in bethesda md

Facial Bethesda MD

Our facials include skin analysis, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and a pressure point face and neck massage. Hand and arm massages are included for sessions 60 minutes or longer. We will perform extractions if requested.

We are proud to feature MURAD skin care products and now offer Cosmedix treatments.

Men can receive any skin treatment customized to meet their unique needs and skin type.

See why we are rated among the best beauty spas for facials in Bethesda MD!

List of Services:

European Facial 

This basic deep-pore cleansing facial helps to hydrate and purify the skin. It’s a great “pick-me-up” facial and is perfect for all skin types.

30 min (mini) – $45

60 min – $70

75 min – $85

Acne Complex Facial

Our special enzyme treatment controls oil, rids the skin of impurities and helps eliminate future breakouts. It leaves the skin smoother, softer and lovely.

60 min –$80

Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion Facial 

A refreshing skin treatment for dry or sun-damaged skin. It leaves your skin supple and looking young.

60 min – $80

Redness Reduction Therapy Facial 

Have dry or sensitive skin? This special treatment locks in hydration while soothing and relieving that red appearance.

60 min – $80

Age Reform- AHA Rapid Exfoliating Facial

This powerful resurfacing treatment provides immediate smoothing and firming while brightening the skin. It does this without the irritation of aggressive exfoliation and is a great alternative to Acne Complex Facial.

60 min – $80

Purity Peel – Clarifying Peel 

This treats all skin conditions and acne grades, including oily, enlarged pores hyperpigmentation and protodamage. 


Blueberry Smoothie – Antioxidant Exfoliating Peel 

This is a deliciously refreshing scrub that invigorates the skin with the use of a gentle acid. Active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful glow without visible irritation. This light chemical peel is an exceptional acne treatment. 


Benefit Peel – Antioxidant Stimulating Peel 

This is a peel for everyone, regardless of skin type or skin condition. The powerful antioxidant peel delivers vital nutrients into the skin layers that matter and has the calming, leaking benefits of Vitamin C. Repairs, nourishes and protects, this is simply the best all around peel available. 


Blueberry Jessner – Jessner’s Peel 

A self-neutralizing peel with exceptional acne-dying properties also reduces fine lines and improves the appearance of mature, aging skin.  It modifies and lightens epidermal pigmentary conditions.  The addition of blueberry aids in controlling the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with a traditional Jessner peel.


Pomegranate Peel – Antioxidant Therapy Peel 

This is a therapeutic, antioxidant peel specially designed for epidermal leveling. Pomegranate Peel works to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly stimulate collagen while potent antioxidants prevent free radical damage.


Deep Sea Peel – Stimulating Herbal Peel 

This procedure works with all skin conditions, including melanoma/hyperpigmentation, acne, skin impurities, mild acne scarring. environmental/sun damage, premature aging, fine lines stretch marks, wrinkles, poor circulation, cellulite and Fitzpatrick types IV-VI. It requires prep ten days to three weeks prior the peel. 


Timeless Peel – Age Defying Peel 

Our very best medium-depth peel dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging. Timeless Peel contains 30% chorally corrected AGP complex (L-retinol A) to generate immense activity in the skin. This enormously effective deep peel works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells, increasing cell turnover to remove layers of dead skin. Timeless Peel also increases the skin’s moisture level to give an age-defying, smooth and textured complexion. The procedure may be used overnight.


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