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Massage in bethesda md

A Quality Level of Pampering  - Massage in Bethesda MD

BCC Beauty Salon & Spa of Bethesda, MD offers a relaxing and quiet atmosphere to experience a quality level of pampering.

We offer some of the best massage services in Bethesda MD!

Whether it is massage, nail care, lashes, hair or something else, Come Relax With Us.

Massage Therapy 

Unwind, relax, heal and de-stress with one of our many unique massages. We tailor your massage treatment to suit your unique needs and create the perfect blend of essential oils, personalized for your taste.

List of Services:

European Body Massage

A firm, relaxing massage meant to relieve stress and maintain your physical and emotional well-being. Some of the techniques used include stroking, kneading and cupping, along with a reflex foot and hand massage and a shiatsu head and face massage.

60 min – $100 

90 min – $135

Upper-Body Massage

This is a shortened version of our popular European Massage. It concentrates on those areas most in need of relaxation and stress reduction.

30 min – $55

Swedish Massage

A brisk, full-body massage that soothes and relaxes tired muscles, brings balance to your circulation and invigorates both body and soul.

60 min – $100

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage penetrates deep muscle tissue to combat muscle fatigue, chronic pain and spasms. Deep compressions and strokes on specific muscles help to alleviate discomfort and tightness while leaving your body refreshed.

60 min – $125


The art of applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, helps to stimulate the body’s organs and systems to promote good health (30 minutes).

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